Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Not Going To Re-Purchase!

Seven products I will not be buying again-

Below are some random beauty items that I shall not be re-purchasing as in all honesty they are just not my cup of tea...

 Barry M Lipstick- Touch of Magic Green
It claims to change colour due to the alkaline level in your lips, unfortunately the colour for me was a very berry pink/red colour and just did not suit my skin tone at all, to be honest I really don't know why on earth i brought it in the first place???
Collection 2000 Lipstick- Pink Shock (2)
The lipstick is a much brighter pink than the one that shows up on camera, it is basically a very bright neon pink that would just make me look like a Barbie doll if I were to ever where it out, yet again I have no idea what made me buy this???
 Sleek Kajal Eyeliner- Nocturnal
The reason I wouldn't purchase this again is because quite frankly I don't really wear eyeliner that much and this is a massive stick of it, so its going to last me for ages anyway, but also because its not very pigmentated at all :(
 Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer
I know everybody raves about this concealer being amazing but in all honest I have had about 3 tubes of this concealer and at first I really did like it but then it started making my under-eyes look really dry and cakey which obviously I was not a big fan of, therefore this is now going in my bin :(
 Cherry Carmex
A lot of people I know absolutely love Carmex, but I just really can't get into it, I have really dry lips and this just only seemed to make them dryer, so unfortunately this gets a big thumbs down from me :( 
 Garnier BB Cream- Light
I'm just going to say it straight at first I thought ooo I really like this, but then when it had dried into my skin it had made me look a slight orange colour and also made me look like I had very oily skin where in reality I have mostly dryer skin /: /:
 No7 Colour Calming Primer- Corrects Redness
I brought this because a few months back I had a phase where I was very self-concious about the redness in my cheeks, so one Saturday me and my Mom went to the No7 counter in Boots and the lady recommend this to me, as you can see it is VERY green, it did not make the redness in my cheeks appear reduced and sometimes left a green tint to the skin, which unless your the Hulk is not a very good look, so all I can say is what a waste of money :(

All these opinions are just based on how they worked for me they may be amazing for you but for me they just didn't cut it :(

Thank you
            The Mystery Blogger xxx


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