Sunday, 7 October 2012

September Make Up Favourites...

Just a few make up favourites from September-

(Sorry for the bad picture quality)

Cosmopolitan eyelash curlers- Superdrug
Not much to say apart from these curl the lashes really well and I love them

Real Techniques Stippling brush- Boots
I use this to blend in my under eye concealer and I adore it; it does the job quick and gives a lovely finish.

Balmi Mint lip balm- Boots
I love this so much, it's such a cool little beauty item, which moisturises the lips really well and is so compact to take anywhere with you; they do them in a few other different flavours which I will definitely be trying out when I run out of this one.   

Soap and Glory, Kick Ass Concealer (Light)- Boots
This little pot contains three products in total however at the moment my favourite one and the only one I am using is the super wear face concealer, its a great colour and give a great coverage, I use this on blemishes  redness in my cheeks and over my under eye concealer, I use the Real Techniques stippling brush to dab it in to my skin.

Benefit Erase Paste- Debenhams
This is a great under eye concealer, I put this on before the Soap and Glory concealer and the two mix well together and create great coverage for dark circles under the eye, which unfortunately I have badly and I don't even know why :( 

Garnier Eye Roll on Anti Dark Circles- Boots
This is great for when I can't be bothered to put on my other under eye concealers it does a great job, however I do have to re-apply this throughout the day though, but its so quick and easy to do that this doesn't bother me.

I would definitely recommend these products to anyone, trust me you won't be wasting your money :) :)

Thank You
            The Mysterious Blogger xxx 


  1. I picked up the real techniques stippling brush this weekend and I've used it once so far and am already in love with it! I'm about to post a beauty haul featuring it over my blog! :) xx

    1. I shall definitely check out that post! Thank you for following by the way :D xxx

  2. The garnier eye roll-on is so amazing..i never thought it would be that good..but now I will never miss it again ;)