Sunday, 7 October 2012

September Nail Polish Favourites...

This month I've been rotating between these three nail polishes- 

Essie- Cascade Cool
This is just the perfect barbie, pretty pink colour, I love it so much and have been getting alot of use of of it, it lasts on the nail a fair while, and doesnt take to long to dry, I like to paint my nails with 2 coats of this.
Avon- Lemon Sugar
The camera isnt picking up this colour right, its much more of a pastel yellow colour, it might be a bit summery for September but oh well, it applies really nicely too; I usually apply 2 coats of this.
Essie- Fiji
Ahhh my favourite one out if the three, this is just the perfect white/pastel pink colour, I love it so much, I tend to keep adding coats and coats to make the colour pop more even though I don't really need to hehe.

Thank You
            The Mysterious Blogger xxx


  1. I bought my first few Essie polishes yesterday and I'm loving them too :)! xx

    1. They have such pretty colours don't they :D xx

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  3. Essie cascade Is my favorite color like ever if you like cascade you will love play date its like its like the purple version of it.
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  4. Ahhh sounds cool i'll have to have a look at that next time I go to boots :) :)

  5. fiji is my absolute favorite polish ever!

    1. It's lovely aint it :) :)
      Just looked at your blog its great!, Just followed as well :) xx